At Broadway, we encourage children to read a range of fiction genres and also explore a variety of non-fiction texts both in and out of school. We challenge our children to read 5 times per week at home. We believe that reading is the cornerstone of learning and we place great importance upon developing our children as passionate and confident lifelong readers. We intend to create fluent readers who have an appreciation and a love of reading.
Every child is encouraged to read 5 times per week and record this in their home reading journal. These are checked weekly by their class teacher. All children who have read 5 times per week received a reward from their class teacher.


Accelerated Reader
Accelerated Reader (AR) is a computer-based management system that helps teachers manage and monitor our children’s independent reading practice and progress.
Your child picks a book at their own level and reads it at their own pace. When finished, your child takes a short book-based quiz within the AR system. Passing the quiz (with a score of 85% or more) is an indication that your child understood what was read. The children receive certificates and prizes to celebrate their achievements.
AR gives children and teachers feedback based on the quiz results which the teacher then uses to help set your child targets and goals and to direct ongoing reading practice and book choice.
Star Assessment
The children take a STAR Assessment to establish their book level. Their STAR level is tested every term to see how they have progressed.
Why are we using Accelerated Reader?
• Accelerated Reader is proven to help children become

better readers.
• Accelerated Reader encourages children to read more

and rewards them for their effort and achievement
• When children read books at their appropriate level

they experience success and grow in confidence and

reading stamina
• The teachers work with children to set appropriate

targets based on each child's reading ability
• Children can choose their own books to read. This

makes reading a much more enjoyable experience as

they can choose books that are interesting to them

As well as being about promoting reading and academic

achievement, AR is also about enjoyment of reading and

creating a real culture of reading at Broadway Junior


Thank you for your support.