Charging and Remissions


By law, no state school can make a charge for:
• education wholly or mainly within school hours;
• materials for things made in school which pupils or parents do not want to keep;
• visits in or outside school hours, which are necessary for an examination.

Charges may be made for the following:
• individual music tuition which is not part of the syllabus for an examination;
• certain excursions where a third party is involved;
• board and lodging where a school activity involves a residential element;
• the exact cost of "optional extras" i.e. things not connected directly with the national curriculum.

School may ask for voluntary contributions towards some trips and excursions. We will always inform parents at the outset and try to assist parents who have any genuine difficulty in paying. No child will be excluded from the activity through an inability to contribute. However, neither will any child be expected to subsidise others. In the event of insufficient contributions being made, the activity may be cancelled.  Monies raised from fundraising events in school will be utilised to provide access for all children to a wide range of educational experiences which enhance teaching and learning.


You can find our full Charging and Remissions Policy with the All Policies section.