At Broadway, our ultimate aim continues to be that we maximise the potential and life chances of each and every child, firstly by their access to inspiring teaching and learning opportunities, but by also ensuring that we enrich their lives through their participation in a diverse range of social and cultural experiences which are embedded in the school’s day to day curriculum and which serve as a means of raising future aspirations and promoting social mobility.
Pupil premium funding therefore, allows us to ensure that our rhetoric  is a reality and that policy is put firmly into practice and via carefully planned financial allocation and spending, we are able to ‘open up the wider world’ for our children.  Intervention to support mastery of the key skills of learning (English and Maths) access to a wide range of experiences, opportunities and activities to promote emotional health and well-being, educational visits (both day and residential) to a plethora of venues all have an immensely positive impact upon the attendance, motivation, engagement, aspirations and attainment of our children, whilst addressing disadvantage and ensuring equality of opportunity for all.
We firmly believe that education is a continuum and strive to equip each child with the necessary fluency in reading, writing and mathematics, along with high levels of confidence and motivation to prepare them for success at secondary level and beyond.


2022/2023 Pupil Premium Strategy

2021/2022 Pupil Premium Strategy


2020/2021 Pupil Premium Strategy