We are a 'Good' school (Ofsted, October 2023). "Pupils are proud to be part of Broadway Junior School. Leaders are skilled and reflective. Classrooms are positive places for pupils to learn."


Curriculum Intent

As a school we base our learning on a broad and balanced curriculum and strive to deliver an aspirational, wide and varied learning experience. We are committed to developing teaching and learning opportunities that provide our children with the ability to be successful in a creative, safe and calm environment, where our school motto, ‘Work hard, be kind, shine bright’ is at the heart everything we do. We shape our curriculum to ensure it is fully inclusive of every child and that it addresses each aspect of how a child develops, promoting positive wellbeing and academic progress. We use a range of sources to meet the needs of the curriculum and provide an exciting and enlightening learning experience for our children, maximising the opportunities in our local area. Enrichment is woven into the fabric of our planning, teaching and learning. As our children come to school with different life experiences, our aim is to bring the National Curriculum to life through a wealth of experiences and educational visits, therefore improving their knowledge and understanding through learning beyond classroom, and by making learning fun. Our curriculum is ambitious and designed to give all learners, the knowledge, skills and understanding they need to succeed in at Broadway and beyond. We believe that our children should not only reach their potential, but also develop a thirst for knowledge, foster a love of learning and leave our school with independent learning skills, prepared for their future.

Curriculum Implementation

The curriculum consists of many planned experiences in and out of the classroom including: topic days, assemblies, after school clubs, visits, residentials, fund raising, in-school visits from professionals and community work. Outcomes may be designed to meet the requirements of the new National Curriculum but also to develop the skills needed for learning and for life. Our rich curriculum is designed so that the subject specific skills are scaffolded across the year. In order to ensure progression of knowledge and understanding, the programmes of study are developed across the key stage then filtered into long, medium and short term plans. We are developing better ways of assessing children’s needs and measuring impact on progress and attainment and, as such, teaching is carefully tailored to meet the needs of all the children.

Curriculum Impact

We strive to ensure that our children’s attainment in core and foundation subjects is in line with or exceeding their age related expectations when we consider the varied starting points of children, in order for children to be academically, socially and mentally prepared for the next phase of their education and for their future.
If you any queries about our curriculum please contact the school on 0191 528 3058.